Dennis Katz, DO

Dr. Katz is a board certified OBGYN. A graduate from the University of Missouri and The Kansas City College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Katz completed his residency in OBGYN at Bi-County Community Hospital / Detroit Osteopathic Hospital.
In addition to nearly 20 years of private practice, with the past 13 focusing in Pain Management, Dr. Katz has taught at the University of Health Sciences for 18 years and became an Associate Professor of OBGYN. For a period of 1 year, Dr. Katz was the Medical Director and worked specifically with patients diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.
Throughout his career, Dr. Katz has maintained a special interest in hormone therapy for both male and female patients, and is currently certified to do so. Dr. Katz uses bio-identical hormone creams and implants.
A portion of his practice is dedicated to treating female patients with sexual dysfunctions such as anorgasmia (persistent inability to achieve orgasm despite responding to sexual stimulation) and vulvar pain. Dr. Katz has a well-regarded relationship with his patients so that they feel comfortable expressing any sexual problems they might have, including treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.
Dr. Katz is our primary provider for patients seeking Suboxone and is currently working to establish an implantable Suboxone pellet that will allow patients up to 6 months of continuous relief in assisting with opioid dependency.