Ted Williams, MD


Dr. Ted Williams brings 38 years of experience and compassionate care in family medicine to our clinic, helping each patient to achieve their best outcome and quality of life.

Using a functional medicine approach, Dr. Williams assists those with acute and chronic diseases, including intestinal issues, pain management, and Covid/post Covid symptoms. Through the use of natural, pharmacologic, and hormonal therapies, patients experience dynamic results, many times following years of unsuccessfully seeking answers to their chronic conditions.

The bowel or gut is often the source of systemic dysfunction. Dr. Williams addresses the individual’s bowel microbiome, then often uses a combination of natural and pharmacological tools to improve health while achieving a necessary balance in hormones and nutrition.

Dr. Williams graduated from the University of Kansas Medicine School and completed his Family Medicine residency in the University of Iowa hospital system in Sioux City, Iowa. He is a native of Kansas City and enjoys singing in two choirs, performing on trumpet in a brass quartet, and cycling. He and his wife have five grown children and eight delightful grandchildren, ages four and under.